Serving the Dear Family: Sisters Walk With Women Rebuilding Their Lives After Prison at Journey House

While other halfway homes have security cameras, on-site parole officers, and around-the-clock security, Journey House has Sister Martha — greeting, hugging and listening to all — who helps provide the security these women want. She further fosters well-being by leading a 12-step program for these women and others in the community.

Fifteen women reside at Journey House for up to 90 days. Since its opening in September 2015, over 200 women have called it their home. The demand is so great, it’s booked six months out. Although it serves those most prone to re-incarceration — those with mental illness, addiction and a history of going in and out of prison — less than five percent have returned to prison, a remarkable feat, considering the national recidivism rate is 68 percent.

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